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[Owner] Centricks a posted Jan 21, 18

There are thousands of Minecraft servers out there. ChillPixel was started with the intention of being something unique, chill, and really something special. We basically started out as a few friends that just wanted to make an awesome server that people can come home from work or school to and just relax and have a bit of fun. We hope to build a very helpful and friendly community and we hope that during your time adventuring throughout what ChillPixel has to offer, you get an experience that makes this server feel right at home!
We do in fact have a SkyBlock world on the same server as well as different crates, ranks, shops etc.. for that world. You may reach the skyblock world by visiting the skyblock portal at spawn or by using the command /skyblock while in-game. Also, we have two worlds that are linked for Survival. You can choose to play the default generated world or you can choose to play the Epic world which was generated using the EpicWorldGenerator plugin, or you can play both. The inventories between these two worlds are linked! So come on and be a part of this unique chill Minecraft server!

The Server is ALWAYS being worked on with new and exciting stuff being added or edited pretty much everyday and we're always coming up with more ideas and amazing features. Below you will find a list of some of our main plugins as well as a little bit of information about how some of them work.


mcMMO (Adds fourteen unique skills to train and level in)
SkyBlock Furnaces (Level up, boost, and upgrade your furnaces)
SkyBlock Hoppers (Level up, boost, and upgrade your hoppers)
SkyBlock Dispensers (Level up, boost, and upgrade your dispensers)
Spawners (Silktouch spawners, upgrade them, purchase them & much more!)
Jobs (Adds 12 jobs for you to get XP and money from!)
Disguises (Disguise yourself as a mob or entity)
Trade (Allows you to safely trade other players through a GUI from anywhere in the world)
Auctions (Let's you put items up for auction by using /ah)
Player Mall (Rent a shop plot and sell items at your own prices!)
EpicWorldGenerator (Generates a custom epic world you can visit by using the portal at spawn!)
Votifier (Vote for us and get keys to use at the crates for awesome rewards in-game!)
➤ EnchantLimit (You can now go over the vanilla enchant limit, max in table is 8)
ArmorStandEditor (The possibilities with this one are endless, use a flint to open the menu)
MyPet (Take animals on a lead, train them and make them a very powerful companion!)
Discord + Rank Sync (We have our own Discord with the ability to sync your in-game rank to Discord)
Revenge (Friendly mobs will become hostile when attacked and fight back!)
And Many More! (Seriously, we have a lot of plugins, the list wouldn't even fit here xD)

Silktouching Spawners

Just letting everyone know that the way spawners and silktouching spawners works has been improved on.

Here at ChillPixel, our spawners brings Minecraft spawners to a whole new level. We allow you to combine spawners together to create spawners that are 2x, 3x, 4x, and even 5x as powerful as a normal spawner as well as infinitely beyond that and even combine completely different spawners together to create OmniSpawners.

You have a 50% chance to recieve a spawner upon mining it with silk-touch.
You have a 100% chance to recieve a spawner when mining it after it has been placed by you.
There is an 80% chance that a creeper explosion near a spawner will drop that spawner.
There is an 80% chance that when you blow up a spawner with TNT, the spawner will be dropped.

When you kill 150 of a certain mob type you will get their spawner as a drop reward. For example, a cow spawner will drop when you kill 150 naturally spawned cow's. Stacking spawners of different types will create an OmniSpawner. You are allowed to have a maximum of 2 OmniSpawners active at a time.

You may use the command /SpawnerStats to view your current stats and see how many kills you have left in order to recieve a specific spawner drop.

You may use the command /SpawnerShop to bring up the spawner shop gui where you may purchase just about all the spawners in the game besides a select few. Just a reminder that the spawner shop is Survival only!

To get started all you need to do is just aquire a spawner either through shop or find one in the wild. Then you can right-click the spawner to bring up the leveling and stats gui!

Question: Why did we make it like this and not just have silktouch have a 100% drop chance?

Answer: Spawners aren't valuable when everyone is walking around with a bajillion of them are they? It breaks the economy and makes it unfun to new players that arent at a level to get a spawner. Also too overpowered to people that can get spawners. It's more interesting and keeps a place in the economy for spawners.

If anyone has any problems with the spawners in-game for example a feature not working correctly, please contact me on discord @ Centricks#1337!

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